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It doesn't matter if you think she's 'up for it'.

Sex without CONSENT is RAPE.

Rape is a serious crime with serious consequences. Statistics show rape and sexual offences are hugely under-reported. We want to change this. 

So, what is rape?  

The Sexual Offences Act (2003) defines rape occurs when:

(1) Person (A) intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person (B) with his penis;

(2) Person (B) does not consent to the penetration;

(3) Person (A) does not reasonably believe that person (B) consents.

Rape is still a crime of basic intent, and self-induced intoxication is no defence.  It is indictable only and carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

What does that mean?

1. Forcing another person to

•    Have vaginal sex
•    Have anal sex
•    Give oral sex

...are all classed as rape and could hold a life sentence in prison.

2. The person you are having sex with has to CONSENT EACH TIME activity occurs. #CNOsent, don't mix it up! For more information on consent please see Section: Understanding Consent.

3. Being intoxicated through drink or drugs is no defence for raping someone.  If you are intoxicated it is up to YOU to check the person you are with is happy for you to touch, kiss or have sex with them.  It doesn't make a difference if you are intoxicated, if you don't get their consent you could face a life sentence for rape.

4. If the person you are with has had to much to drink or too many drugs they cannot give true consent to kissing, touching or having sex.  If you carry on without consent it may be rape.

Help us to #stoprapenow and share our messages on social media to help people understand consent. 

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